Installation views at Galerie im Kloster Ribnitz Damgarten, 10/2021.
Installation view at Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg, 08/2021 during the exhibition "Position.2.0". 

m#83, 2021 - 90cm x 90cm, c-type, alu dibond, aluminium frame.

m#12, 2021 - 90cm x 90cm, c-type, alu dibond, aluminium frame.

Setup with scanner and mirror, 2020
"Setup with scanner and mirror, 2020" consists of a total of 25 images that were created by scanning a mirror in a flatbed scanner. In 1° steps, the angle of the mirror was adjusted from -12° to 12°. The light, which the scanner uses for the illumination of reflective originals, is refracted by the glass of the mirror and reflected to the scanner in individual, coloured components. 
Both elements are normally intended to be neutral and „invisible“ in a sense that they shouldn’t reveal itself in processes.
The software translates the information into a visual outcome, which looks on the first sight as the natural spectrum of light, but reveals little errors and limits of this digital translation and therefor reveals a doubt of the photographic capabilities to show us reality.
Setup with scanner and mirror, 2021​​​​​​​
This series of works shows seemingly abstract, photographic light sculptures. In the process, phenomena that are invisible to the human eye under normal circumstances, such as the individual elements of the spectrum of light, the heat and the interpretation by technical devices, were captured and interpreted.
The basis are mirror surfaces, which are thermally deformed and then digitized in a scanning process. The colored surfaces and distortions only arise in the interplay between the light emitted by the scanner, the three-dimensional mirror objects and the interpretation by the software. The mirrors then show a trace, an index, of the heat the light and the interpretation process.