edI.sg#10, 2020, sheet size 10cm x 15cm, outer size 15cm x 22cm x 1cm, silver, gelatin, photographic paper, light sealed plastic bag.

Installation view, Silver Gelatin (ED. II) #001, #002, 003, ca. 23cm x 17cm sheet size, 30cm x 24cm frame size, silver, gelatin, silver gelatin photographic paper (fibre based), framed with Mirogard glas.

Detail Silver Gelatin (ED. II) #001

Wall installation:
Approx. 23cm x 17cm sheet size, 30cm x 24cm frame size, silver, gelatin, silver gelatin photo paper, framed behind Mirogard glass.
Packaged (MAAM Online Shop) Edition:
Approx. 15cm x 10cm sheet size, silver, gelatin, silver gelatin photographic paper, lightproof sealed plastic bag.
The series of works "Silver Gelatin" consists of unexposed and undeveloped sheets of black and white baryta photo paper. A mixture of silver dust and gelatin was applied to these in darkness. When the work is exposed to light, the photographic paper changes colour to a certain shade, depending on the manufacturer and type of paper. The type of light exposure affects the duration of the process, at first quite quickly, then more and more slowly. The silver, on the other hand, retains its lustre.
From a classical point of view, the works cannot be described as photographs, but the effect of the light in the exhibition environment is reflected and immortalised in them.
In the installation at the Grassi Museum, newly created works from the series are shown, as well as the current edition from the "MAAM" project.

The first edition of "Silver Gelatin" was Alexander Kadow's contribution to the online shop project "MAAM (media art & misfortune)" of the photography class of Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, which started in February 2020. The garb of an online shop served the actual purpose of virtually exhibiting the artists' works, which was not possible in the physical space due to the Covid pandemic.
The selling price of the individual numbers of the edition of Silver Gelatin doubles with each level, starting at 1€ for #01.